Peek Under the Hood: Tallie's comprehensive integration with Intacct

Tallie Team
Tallie Team

Featuring the first and only real-time, no click, bi-directional sync between an accounting system and expense management software.

In November, Tallie & Intacct announced their direct integration, offering early evaluation to select customers and accounting firms. Now that this evaluation period has passed and even more features have been released, we’d like to take you on a trip through the integration, highlighting key features and benefits that Tallie and Intacct users will love.

Real-Time, No Click, Bi-directional Sync

Yes, you read that correctly. When a change is made to your dimensional data in Intacct, it is immediately reflected in Tallie. When a change is made to your dimensional data in Tallie, it is immediately reflected in Intacct. No more clicking the sync button, no more scheduled nightly syncs. It’s just that simple!


Since its inception, Tallie has offered real-time bi-directional sync with all of our integrations, meaning that any change made in Tallie is immediately reflected in your other accounting and bill pay systems. We’re the only expense management system to offer this, and Intacct is our first integration partner to offer the same technology in the reverse. Intacct’s rules-based logic, called SmartEvents, enables Tallie-connected companies to trigger immediate updates from Intacct to Tallie. Best of all, installing support for Tallie SmartEvents in your Intacct account is as simple as uploading an .xml file (or what Intacct calls a Package.)

Full Dimension Support with Smart Setup

Intacct is often selected because it features multi-dimensional tracking of transactional line items. It puts significantly less pressure on a complex Chart of Accounts, and allows for much more robust financial reporting. Our integration supports all Intacct dimensions: GL accounts, items, Cash Management accounts, locations/entities, customers, vendors, projects, classes, and departments.

Even better, Tallie uses Intacct dimensional data to deliver a smart setup right out of the box. When Intacct is connected to your Tallie account, our software uses Employee and Project managers to immediately preconfigure your approval chains. Tallie will also scan your advanced Projects for Resources and user restrictions, matching your Project-tracking preferences. If a user is already listed as a Resource in Intacct, Tallie will automatically grant them permission to track expenses against the Project.

Furthermore, whenever a credit card is marked as Non-Reimbursable in Tallie, we will attempt to match that card to a Charge Card Account within Intacct’s Cash Management. Tallie will then dynamically assign the matching vendor and GL liability account based on the data present in Intacct. As you can see, Tallie’s automation allows your expense management software to remain in lock-step with your accounting system.

Direct Export to Accounts Payable Module

Tallie expense reports can be exported directly to the Intacct Accounts Payable module. Reimbursable expenses are gathered together in one bill per expense report, payable to the Employee’s mapped Vendor account. Non-reimbursable expenses are similarly gathered in a single bill due to the Credit Card Vendor. As always, mixing and matching of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses in the same expense report is encouraged! Tallie knows to divide the report on export, creating two unique bills based on reimbursable status.


When exporting, Tallie generates Accounts Payable bills with complete line item data, including all dimensional tagging for each expense. All source documents, including receipts and copies of your original Tallie expense reports, are sent to Intacct attached to the bill. This ensures that all information required for audit preparedness stays in the accounting system, for centralized access.

Multi-Method Support for Non-Reimbursable Charges

We know that, when it comes to corporate credit cards, Intacct users either love or hate the Cash Management module. That’s why Tallie supports non-reimbursables through both the Accounts Payable and Cash Management modules. For those who prefer the Cash Management module, Tallie provides a pre-configured export template that will generate a .CSV file compatible to the Cash Management import tool. If you want to skip the .CSV, Tallie now allows the export of non-reimbursable charges as bills payable to the credit card vendor, as outlined above.




We are proud to offer such a robust, comprehensive integration with Intacct. Our goal, as always, is to make expense management as powerful and simple as possible for all our customers, regardless of their accounting system. We look forward to further refining our features based on customer feedback, and encourage you to reach out to our Product Expert team with any comments or suggestions. They can be reached at support@usetallie.com, or by calling 888-874-1118 Ext. 2.

If you would like to see our Intacct integration in action, feel free to schedule a free 1-on-1 product demo with a member of our team.


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