Tallie + Bill.com: A New Standard for Expense Report Integration

Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell
Tallie + Bill.com: A New Standard for Expense Report Integration

Our deep, direct integration with Bill.com is live. Never before have a bill payment and expense report management system been so deeply integrated.

We’ve already heard rave reviews from accounting industry luminaries, like Doug Sleeter, CEO of The Sleeter Group who said: “When software companies work together, everybody wins! Bill.com and Tallie have done a superb job of working together to make a better customer experience.”

Take a look at the Tallie and Bill.com joint press release on Yahoo Finance. But there’s much more to this expense report integration than a press release.

It is the realization of a vision that I’ve long shared with René Lacerte, Bill.com’s CEO. The math is simple. We believe that SaaS leadership will come from superior customer value creation. This only happens with the right combination of highly specialized, best-of-breed applications, functioning in unison.


“Functioning in unison” is not the hand-off of data through an API handshake, or a third party integration specialist. It requires a symphony of data transfers, processing flows and code-level partner collaboration. It’s a level of synchronization we call deep integration. It’s the standard by which expense report integration will be measured.

Very few SaaS companies can pull it off. Most lack the commitment to this vision, the technical capability, or both.

So, there’s much more to the press release than an expense report integration.

If you'd like to learn more about expense report integration with Bill.com and Tallie, call us at +1.800.592.5144

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