Tallie Expense Software Integration Chosen as Model for Bill.com Developer Program

Chris Farrell
Tallie Expense Software Integration Chosen as Model for Bill.com Developer Program

Bill.com recently made the strategic decision to adopt an open architecture approach, opening its code to third parties through a new Developer Program. This is a significant move because it further establishes Bill.com as the de facto standard, and positions the financial apps industry towards a model of system-to-system interoperability. Tallie was the first partner chosen to explore the full potential of integration with the Bill.com platform. Our selection was motivated by the ability of our engineering team to build a revolutionary bidirectional data integration, coupled with our willingness to work hand-in-hand with Bill.com’s development team. Find out more about their Develop Program on Bill.com’s website.

tallie-bill.com-expense-software-developer-program Tallie's expense software is featured prominently on Bill.com's Developer Program page.

Since our integration launch last October, Tallie’s expense software has received high praise from leading accounting advisor practices including BMRG, The Sleeter Group, and Rootworks. Bill.com founder and CEO René Lacerte affirmed, “The future of business software the right combination of highly specialized, best-in-class SaaS solutions working together in a simple, completely integrated way. We have built the Bill.com App Center around this vision, and have chosen Tallie as a marquee solution because it is very simple for employees to use, yet also offers a rich set of features for accountants and financial professionals. The combination of Bill.com and Tallie is the expense report ‘killer app’ that finance professionals have long searched for.”

When we announced our unprecedented bi-directional integration with Bill.com back in September, support from BMRG and Rootworks quickly followed. It was this same integration that earned Tallie's expense software the Sleeter Group’s 2013 Awesome App Award. This recognition from industry luminaries combined with Bill.com’s new open architecture Developer Program confirms that the movement towards the integration of SaaS financial apps, such as the Bill.com/Tallie partnership, will emerge as the leading model of success.

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