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Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell

Welcome to our blog. We are a team of problem solvers who love solving puzzles -- for years, expense report automation has been our puzzle.

We built Tallie to change your expectations about expense reports. It is not an incremental evolution from spreadsheets. It does not turn to the status quo for inspiration. Tallie’s story begins with a diverse team of experts and a clean sheet of paper. Our mission was to create a software solution that advanced productivity beyond the obvious. The result is a product that breaks boundaries.

Throughout Tallie, you’ll note expert accounting controls woven into a fabric of automation. This combination was made possible by bringing together CFO’s with product designers and developers. The result is true value creation through more control, with less work for the teams in the field.

The goal of this blog is to advance productivity conversations beyond the obvious. We hope that you’ll join us.


Chris Farrell


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