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Tallie Travel

Give your team a centralized, user-friendly travel booking platform that ensures every trip is within policy and all trip-related expenses sync with Emburse Tallie.

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State-of-the-art travel experience

When you or your employees travel, cost control and traveler safety are now top of mind. Make sure your company is prepared with a state-of-the-art travel booking platform with just the right functionality to give you peace of mind.

Tallie Travel, powered by AmTrav, is a user-friendly travel booking platform that seamlessly integrates with the Tallie expense platform to enforce your policies and automatically reconcile your transaction details.

Safety first with Tallie Travel

Safety first

Expect the unexpected. Your business has a responsibility to keep employees safe, which can become nearly impossible in the event of a disaster after travelers have self-booked their trips. 

Embedded in Tallie Travel is a Traveler Locator live dashboard, telling you employees’ exact locations and itineraries. Plus, automatic notifications proactively go out to employees when emergencies arise to easily rebook with 24/7 weekday support.

Safety first with Tallie Travel

Take full control over travel spend

Savings Results

Compare online bookings and vendors to pick the best pre-negotiated prices. Configure listings and approvals to ensure bookings adhere to your travel policies and ensure no traveler books in violation of the policy.

A Tool Travelers Want to Use

Tallie Travel offers all the convenience of self-booking with the ease of automated receipt delivery into the core Tallie platform. By cutting out the hassle of managing receipts and empowering travelers to continue to use their loyalty programs, all your travel spend can be managed in one place.

Best Rates

Being part of the AmTrav network lets us give you the best-negotiated rates with the ability to reapply credits from unused tickets. No need to worry about finding a better business travel deal elsewhere.

More of Tallie Travel’s features

On-demand reports

Flight disruption alerts

Online booking tool

Automatic travel policy enforcement

Out-of-policy notifications

In-house 24/7 support

Live employee location map

Negotiated rates

Customer support for all users for Tallie Travel

Customer support for all users

Tallie is with you every step of the way.

Same day, turnkey implementation and admin training

US-based support by phone, email, and live chat

Weekly client training webinars